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Savvy Estate Planning for Business Owners in Oregon

Aug. 30, 2013

Is business succession planning a concern for you? Do you wonder what will happen to all your hard work once you pass away? Will a family member will take over, the business be sold to someone else, or is liquidation inevitable? Who is best qualified to take responsibility for your business operations? Are there special family issues to be considered?

Whether you operate a family business or a small business with several employees, you need a savvy estate planning attorney to ensure that your business plan has the nuances and special language to cover the expected and unexpected.

Call The Hingson Law Firm today and see how Phil Hingson can help you define the issues and bring clarity to your legal options–all in plain English. You may have more control than you think over what happens when you pass on or lose some capacity.

Phil Hingson is a well-schooled veteran attorney with knowledge of:

  • How to structure clear, legally sound succession plans for businesses

  • Buy/sell agreements

  • Taxation issues that may apply directly or peripherally to any business transfer

Call the office today to see what Phil can do for your business. After all the work you've put into growing it, spend a little time protecting it.