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Trust Administration Attorney in Portland, Oregon

Prompt, Dedicated Attention, Whatever the Size or Makeup of The Estate

Phil Hingson has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the trust administration process, no matter how complex the issues. He works side by side with accountants and other experts as needed, so you can be sure your unique situation is thoroughly addressed.

Our Portland, Oregon, legal team handles probate and trust administration matters for people from the St. Helens-Hillsboro area to Gresham and Lake Oswego, and southward to Canby and Woodburn. We deal with both taxable and non-taxable estates by seeking the most sound and cost-effective solutions.

Your legal options may depend on how soon you seek qualified legal counsel. If you have questions about estate planning or what must be done after the tragic loss or incapacitation of a loved one, please contact us.

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From Straightforward to Complex Matters, We Offer Sound Counsel and Action

We will not over-complicate your situation — sometimes all we need to do is provide a detailed, specific letter explaining successor trustee duties and answer any questions you have. However, if you are the trustee or administrator for an estate that is or may be worth more than $1 million (including any life insurance payout), it is crucial to speak with an experienced lawyer about the administration of a revocable living trust — or another type of trust — and affairs that can include:

  • Preparing a comprehensive inventory of assets

  • Properly filing specific types of tax returns

  • Distributing assets properly under the law and heading off the potential for future disputes

  • Dealing effectively with necessary real estate transactions, insurance issues and business succession matters — whether addressed in a will or trust or not

Accomplished, Insightful Trust Administration Attorney in Portland

Many people we assist with estate planning return to check in with us from time to time because attorney Phil Hingson is an approachable, helpful resource who can help them answer their questions. In addition, we counsel many existing and new clients when someone becomes incapacitated or passes away — whether their needs involve getting the estate through probate or dealing with trust administration.

Even if you believe a person's estate was carefully planned and all documents are in order, we urge you to contact an attorney as soon as you are able after these kinds of difficult events. We will explain your obligations and answer any questions, whether the estate involved is limited or substantial. Under some circumstances, if you see us promptly, we also find legal ways to preserve assets and avoid excessive taxation.