Experience and Skill Handling Guardianships and Conservatorships

In virtually any situation involving your own financial concerns, planning for incapacity, or planning for the care of a family member, you can turn to us at The Hingson Law Firm in Portland and receive sound guidance.

Our range of services includes:

• Comprehensive estate planning to allow you maximum control over what will happen to you and your assets if you die or become incapacitated

• Drafting of detailed, legally sound powers of attorney and other documents to prevent your affairs from being handled through a conservatorship or guardianship

• Personalized assistance if you need to petition for a guardianship or conservatorship in Oregon, due to the inability of a family member to handle their own financial or other needs

• Ongoing legal advice and assistance if you have been appointed as a conservator or guardian, helping ensure you meet obligations such as submission of annual reports and remain in compliance with all specific Oregon laws in this area


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