Real-World, Practical Counsel on Powers of Attorney

Attorney Phil Hingson is the lawyer for you if you have any concerns about powers of attorney and related matters. In every situation, Phil emphasizes that:

• Your general durable financial power of attorney is a critical document, giving someone you trust not only the power to pay your bills, but also to deal with your assets as they see fit

• Your advance directive — referred to in the past as a living will or medical power of attorney — is as personal and consequential as estate planning documents get, determining who makes decisions for you about life support and other critical matters

It would be hard to overemphasize the importance of working with a lawyer you trust on these critical documents. Poorly drafted Powers of Attorney (POAs) may be challenged or unaccepted, out of hand, by banks or title companies. We encourage you to contact us to secure maximum protection of your assets, your well-being, and your peace of mind.

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